Album 04\26\10, by Kami Thomas

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I have been really bad about updating our blog. So I thought I would add an updated pictue of the kids. Hopefully there will be more to come. Anyway here is Missy,Erik, Karson and Hailee.

Saturday was eventful. Kami's grandma passed away on Wednesday so on Saturday we went to her funderal and then got ready for the party. The kids spent their day riding bikes, climbing trees and taking naps.


So Karson turned 2. I know, I know, the terrible twos have arrived. Well I will tell you that they can't be much worse than the terrible ones he went through. We ended up having a combined party with his cousin Chloe. There were a lot of people there. Aunt Trisa made the coolest cupcakes. They are sharks and life preservers. She is a crafty one alright. Just like Missy, Karson got bedding for his birthday. it is so cool (Quicksilver). Thanks to everybody for coming. It's crazy that there are so many birthdays so close together. We should probably go ahead and say happy belated b-day to Nicole and Mike.

Busy, Busy Month

What a month! I think something significant happened for every member of our family this month. Obviously Hailee was born and her and Kami are doing so well. Missy turned 8! Can you believe it. 8 years old. It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. I am so proud of you Missy. If only we could all return to the point that the most cherished thing we had was our baptism and hold on to that feeling. Anyway it is such a mixed blessing to see her grow up. On one hand I love seeing the beautiful girl she is becoming and on the other hand I want her to be a little girl forever. Hailee is starting to fill out. She is getting chubby cheeks. Grandma and Pie have been out of town and the first time they had seen her in a couple of weeks was at the baptism. I thought it was going to be a fight to get Hailee away from them. Karson is growing up so fast. It seems like he went from 25 pounds to 50 pounds. He is adding words to his vocabulary so fast. We got his hair cut this past weekend and it is so cute. The curls stayed thank goodness. ERIK LEARNED TO RIDE HIS BIKE!!!!! For those of you who didn't know he has struggled with this for about 10 months. We have tried and tried. A couple of weeks ago his scooter broke and he wanted to ride with his friends. We told him to get his bike out and practice. That's what he did. For two days he was in the back yard trying and trying. Before he went to bed on Thursday night he told me that by the time I got home from work on Friday he would be riding it. Sure enough at about noon on Friday Kami sent me a video of Erik riding his bike. I am so proud of him. He didn't quit and just stuck with it. In the end he had to do it on his terms and by himself. What a Month!

Karson, Lil' Devil

The Color scheme says it all. Karson is on fire all the time! Turbo Charged! When my mom said "I hope you have one just like you" this is what she meant! Don't be fooled by the innocent looking little boy in the picture. He is a non-stop terror. He loves wrestling with his older brother. So much in fact that it drives mom nuts. We thought he might have a slight hearing problem at one time, but not the case. He just doesn't care what you are saying. He has his mind on other things and is not going to stop going the direction he wants to go. Karson loves his sister Mimmi. He will run around the house all day with a picture of her yelling Mimmi, Mimmi! This is the child that keeps things interesting around the house. Love ya Kar Kar

Erik, Bubbas

Can you believe how big he is getting! What a champ of a brother. He plays so good with his little brother and is so loving and genuine to all of his brothers and sisters. Erik has picked up a new chore "Tootsie Roll Patrol". He loves his dogs and does such a good job of taking care of them. They get so excited everytime they see him and they whine when he leaves for school. Erik has some pretty exciting news that we will post later this week. He loves the outdoors and wants to be outside non-stop. We love you Bubbas